Alto’s Leaping Lemurs

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In Alto’s recent journey through the endless desert, he encountered not one, but 25 leaping lemurs!

Inspired by the lemurs found in Alto’s Odyssey, this mischievous bunch were handcrafted in Germany by Anika of Zimt Handmade. To create each body, Zimt used a process called needle felting, forming soft wool around handmade wireframes with thousands of tiny pokes. Each lemur is brought to life with bright yellow eyes, a striped tail and tiny paws.

Posable but sturdy and measuring 17cm from nose to end of tail, Alto’s Leaping Lemurs are the perfect item to introduce a hint of adventure to any desk or shelf. Each lemur comes packaged in an individually stamped box filled with soft, white wool.

Finally, we've topped off your new pal with a custom tag that includes space to name them, care instructions and a number from 1 to 25 so you know yours is truly one of a kind.


As this is a limited edition, handcrafted item, there are only 25 available.

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