Mountain Memories Art Print - Solitude (Limited Edition)

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NOTE: Every "Solitude" print is truly limited edition. We've printed 33 of them, and don't intend to do a rerun. When they're gone, they're gone!


When we added the ability to take pictures to Alto's Adventure, we hoped players would enjoy the capturing and sharing their most exciting tricks, or perhaps their favourite scenery. What we've seen since then has blown us away. We've received thousands of creative snapshots that have made us feel like tourists in our own game.

Inspired by these photos, Alto artist and programmer Harry Nesbitt has created the "Mountain Memories" art print series. Each of the three limited edition prints depicts familiar locations in new, iconic ways, freezing them in time so that you're never too far away from the alpine expanse.

We've cut no corners bringing Harry's art to life. Each 16" x 24" piece is printed on beautiful, smooth watercolour paper. This stuff feels like thick, museum-quality stock, not like a dorm room poster.

We were very picky choosing just the right paper chemistry. With proper care and attention, the vivid colours in each archival print will last a very long time before showing any signs of wear. We strongly suggest framing yours upon arrival. A standard frame will work, but custom framing is always a nice touch.

For good measure, every shipment is inspected for imperfections, rolled in an extra layer of archival paper, and packed in a double reinforced shipping tube. If you notice anything wrong at all, your print is insured, so reach out and we'll get things sorted.

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