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The Alto Toque

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When we started talking about making Alto's toque a real item people might wear, we all agreed on one thing: the end result had to be completely authentic. With this character being so dear to us, it was important that his signature winter headwear feel just right. What we ended up with has surpassed our wildest expectations.

In partnership with Threads of Peru, we worked with local artisans from the weaving community of Pitukiska to bring to life an Alto-themed textile design from the game's artist and programmer, Harry Nesbitt. The look and fit of The Alto Toque is a fashionable, contemporary take on Andean chullos (pronounced chul-yoh).

This style has been passed from artisan to artisan for thousands of years, and originated out of necessity: temperatures in the high Andes often fall below freezing, with biting winds that sting your ears! Hence a pair of flaps to give them special protection. 

Each and every piece is made from 100% hand-dyed, hand-woven, baby Alpaca fur for an almost indescribably soft feel that you really have to wear to believe. Perhaps even more exciting are the design nuances. While every red toque sports the same signature blue, green and yellow lines you see in the game, the order of colours and patterns vary. We can confidently say that no two toques will look exactly the same

Due to the traditional crafting techniques and remote location, we were only able to produce fifty Alto toques.

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